Olly Mann and The Week delve behind the headlines and debate what actually issues from the previous seven days.

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English in Algeria

Alegeria, which for greater than a century was a part of the French empire, is beginning to section out its use of the French language. Final week, when Emmanuel Macron visited the nation, he was given a lectern bearing the title Presidency of the Republic, as a substitute of Présidence de la République. That is, partly, a symbolic transfer – Arabic is extra broadly spoken – however it additionally illustrates the difficult standing of the English language in post-colonial Africa.

Darkish tourism

The launch of guided excursions of Ukraine’s invaded cities has triggered contemporary debate about so-called darkish tourism – visiting websites related to tragedy. Do journeys to macabre vacationer spots provide an opportunity to study our world and previous errors? Or is cashing in on human distress taking us to morally darkish locations? 

Higher than one?

A Swiss tortoise with two heads, named Janus, has celebrated his twenty fifth birthday – a milestone that only a few animals born with an analogous situation ever attain. Within the wild, most such animals succumb to medical problems or predators, however in captivity they develop into celebrities. What can we study them – and ourselves – from this double celebration?